I am Suzie a Bored Sexy House Wife looking for Chat Line partners to fill my every need.

Horny house gets bored really easy and wants to suck you off.

Name: Suzie Age: 39 About Me: It all happened one day while my husband was at work. I was bored and went to sun bathe in the backyard when I spotted my neighbour staring out of his window at me. I looked at him and he did not look away. In fact, he gave me a kind of nod and a wink. At first I was embarrased. Then the phone rang and he said hello, OMG you look so sexy in that bikini, I couldn’t help myself. I have my cock in my hand. I probably should have hung up the phone, but I didn’t. Instead I decided to play along and began masturbating outside on my lawn chair. It was the most mindblowing orgasm that I have ever. This is how my love of phone sex started. I felt guilty so I told my husband about it. And he didn’t get mad. Later that night he said wanna give him a better show? And so we did and my love for phone sex grew. Eventually, we asked my neighbour to cum join us for a BBQ, but that is a story for another day. These are just some of the stories that I will share with you if you call me here on phone-sex.ca

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