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Do not be afraid.. our fate cannot be taken from us – it is a bounty

GreenflyKim – Some have annoyed her, others want to be like her, any many others did not believe in her actual existence! She is assertive, insensitive, selfish and often “loved” by many studs. It is unfortunate and foolish, but she think its glad and even brainy. It is the “creation” of the demon …? Many do not like her but admire her! Many hate her, but mimic her! Many enjoy her, but never would have been like her. She is smart, but unhappy, it is most likely highly defenseless and delicate.

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fetishes, STOCKINGS, STOCKINGS, SEXIEST FEET, epic amount of garments, shoes, high-heeled boots, undergarments, fucktoys, dommination, gimps, fantasies, pumping out

HotFantasiesss – Change, Dom – slave, Tease denial, Edging, Nylons, Stockings, Stockings, Fishnets, Seamless, High Stilettos up to 10 in, Footwear, Spandex, Leather, Glossy tight clothes, Garments, Roleplay, Rolaplaying apparels, Satin, Spandex, Greatest Lingerie, Garter belts, Fucktoys, Ass-plug, Crazy naughty dame, Wishes, modeling, style showcases, bum idolizing, Cutest legs, Ample bum, sexiest feet, long nipples, Stringent teacher, footjobs, raw dt, hand-job, Sound, C2C, beads, butt-plug, fucktoys that you can control, blowing toes

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